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Cedar Petrochemicals serves as the principal in all transactions conducted. Our ability to provide superior service and value to our customers and suppliers is based upon our unique position in the market. Our relatively small operating size allows us to be adaptive, dynamic, and cost-efficient, and our strong local presence in the US, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East lets us command an expansive global presence combined with the credit and expert support staff to fulfill any demand.

Cedar Petrochemicals is involved in all aspects of shipping and transport of petrochemical products, and vessel space is chartered by Cedar, thus ensuring our control of the movement of the products from port of loading to port of discharge.

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When it comes to getting what you need...


We take charge and handle all aspects of cargo movement including: carriage, survey and documentation for local customs clearance and bank presentation.


Cedar has banking relationships with many fiinancial institutions familiar with the industry’s business practices and the companies with which we do business.

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